[sm_asb_et icon=”image: computer” animation=”flip” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”Outsourcing” title_bgcolor=”#4f5d73″ title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]Help companies have requirements to find the right developers within budget limit, also do project management for customers till meet their expectation.[/sm_asb_et]
[sm_asb_et icon=”image: image” animation=”hinge” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”UI/UX Design” title_bgcolor=”#3f5f94″ title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]Very professional designer graduate from UBC arts doing stunning job with low cost. We design banner logo app UIUX. Highly recomand.[/sm_asb_et]
[sm_asb_et icon=”image: rocket” animation=”rollIn” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”Consulting” title_bgcolor=”#e0995e” title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]Help startup with limited experiece to design/build their info system and giving business adivse/stratege with marketing research results by senior consultants.[/sm_asb_et]
[sm_asb_et icon=”image: pencil” animation=”wobble” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”Architecture” title_bgcolor=”#e0e0d1″ title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]Several design patterns will be used to define architecture and help to communicate how an application will complete the necessary business processes as defined in the system requirements.[/sm_asb_et]
[sm_asb_et icon=”image: barchart” animation=”swing” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”Data Mining” title_bgcolor=”#4fc1e9″ title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]Dataking helped couple of famous sutton realtor like Henry wu, Guy biggar to analysis marketing business data and keep the leading position in their career[/sm_asb_et]
[sm_asb_et icon=”image: gas” animation=”pulse” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”Funding Startup” title_bgcolor=”#c75c5c” title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]For startup how to survive and getting more funds from government. We have specialist working for these field over 10 years to advise you all the details.[/sm_asb_et]
[sm_asb_et icon=”image: browser” animation=”bounce” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”Web Design” title_bgcolor=”#d770ad” title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]Angular2 nodejs php bootstrap mysql wordpress etc. We use the most popular technologies to build you website fast nice and professional.[/sm_asb_et]
[sm_asb_et icon=”image: megaphone” animation=”rotateIn” icon_bgcolor=”#F5F7FA” title=”Digital Marketing” title_bgcolor=”#f6bb42″ title_color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center”]Digital media is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it. Digital marketing and its associated channels are more and more important.[/sm_asb_et]