Help companies have requirements to find the right developers within budget limit, also do project management for customers till meet their expectation.
UI/UX Design
Very professional designer graduate from UBC arts doing stunning job with low cost. We design banner logo app UIUX. Highly recomand.
Help startup with limited experiece to design/build their info system and giving business adivse/stratege with marketing research results by senior consultants.
Several design patterns will be used to define architecture and help to communicate how an application will complete the necessary business processes as defined in the system requirements.
Data Mining
Dataking helped couple of famous sutton realtor like Henry wu, Guy biggar to analysis marketing business data and keep the leading position in their career
Funding Startup
For startup how to survive and getting more funds from government. We have specialist working for these field over 10 years to advise you all the details.
Web Design
Angular2 nodejs php bootstrap mysql wordpress etc. We use the most popular technologies to build you website fast nice and professional.
Digital Marketing
Digital media is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it. Digital marketing and its associated channels are more and more important.

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